- We Are Specialists In Relocating To Chester and Cheshire.

The City Apartments can provide specialist relocation services to companies relocating staff to the Chester, Wrexham, Wirral and North Wales areas. We have been servicing clients at Director level with prestigious companies such as the Bank of America, Bank of Scotland and recently assisted the relocation of the Managing Director of Merseyrail and family to a prestige period property in Chester.

Services that we can provide include:
Search and acquisition of a suitable rental property, lease agreements and viewing transport.
Provision of temporary service accommodation within one of our owned and managed apartments and house in Chester city centre.
Search and acquisition of executive vehicles for purchase, or lease at discount prices via our associated company.
Setting up of accounts for all utility, council charges for clients.
House purchase search, acquisition advice and transport for viewings.
Advice on local schools, both public and private within the Chester area.
Ongoing support to non-working spouses as regards the mechanics of the move and settling in.
Assisting children into local sports clubs, social activities to enhance the relocation experience.
We are uniquely placed to offer these services as we have over 10 years actively servicing the executive relocation market via our serviced apartments business. The company owners are themselves a family who relocated to Chester from overseas and have significant hands-on experience of moving into the Chester area with a family of 3 children.
Contact Us Without Obligation – Should you require our services, please contact Moira Martland – [email protected] – we will be delighted to offer a bespoke service to your company/client.